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Lightbox Galleries

Lightbox Galleries

Our themes have built in support for lightbox galleries (galleries that open a modal slideshow when one of the images is clicked).

On the WordPress side

The lightbox functionnality is activated for galleries that have the "Link to" Gallery Block setting pointing to "Media File."

A screenshot from the the WordPress Gallery Block settings with Link to pointing to Media File

If you add a caption to an image - it will be displayed under the image in the lightbox mode (the captions are displayed only in the lightbox mode). If no caption is provided, the image alternative text will be displayed.

A screenshot from the the Gatsby Lightbox modal with the caption under the image

Under the hood we use the simple-react-lightbox plugin. You can use the simple-react-lightbox options by passing them to config.lightboxOptions in your starter config.js file.

const config = {
// ...
lightboxOptions: {
settings: {
overlayColor: "rgb(25, 136, 124)",
buttons: {
backgroundColor: "#1b5245",
iconColor: "rgba(126, 172, 139, 0.8)",
caption: {
captionColor: "#a6cfa5",
captionTextTransform: "uppercase",
module.exports = config

The Download functionnality is not supported, and the showDownloadButton: true setting will not be retained.

Deactivate lightbox

If you don't need this feature and want to optimize your bundle size, you can deactivate lightbox modals.

  1. Create a gatsby-plugin-wordpress-lightbox folder in your starter src/@gatsbywpthemes.

  2. Create a LightboxWrapper.js file in the src/@gatsbywpthemes/gatsby-plugin-wordpress-lightbox folder

    ├── config.js
    ├── ...
    ├── package.json
    ├── src
    │ ├──
    │ │ ├── 🆕 gatsby-plugin-wordpress-lightbox
    │ │ │ └── 🆕 LightboxWrapper.js
    │ │ └── gatsby-theme-wp-ginger-chakra
    │ │ ├── chakra
    │ │ ├── components
    │ │ └── utils
    │ └── styles
    └── static
  3. Add the following code to your new LightboxWrapper.js file

    import React from "react"
    const LightboxWrapper = ({ children }) => <>{children}</>
    export default LightboxWrapper